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Image:California State Assembly room p1080879.jpg|thumb|California State Assembly chamber Image:California Senate chamber p1080899.jpg|thumb|California State Senate chamber File:Californialegislaturejournals.jpg|thumb|A few volumes of the journals of each house (Senate is red; Assembly [lower chamber] is green). The '''California State Legislature''' is the State legislature (United States)|state legislature of the U.S. state of California. It is a bicameral body consisting of the lower house, the California State Assembly, with 80 members, and the upper house, the California State Senate, with 40 members. New legislators convene each new two-year session, to organize, in the Assembly and Senate Chambers, respectively, at noon on the first Monday in December following the election. After the...
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LegislatureCalifornia State Legislature, 2015–16 session|2015–16 session
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House typeBicameral
HousesCalifornia State Senate|Senate
California State Assembly|Assembly
40 senators
80 assembly
Session roomCaliforniastatecapitol.jpg
Meeting placeCalifornia State Capitol
Sacramento, California|Sacramento, California
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